Width: 72" / 84"
Weight: 230 lbs. / 250 lbs.
Item No: 86900-72Q / 86900-84Q

UTV Landscape Rake

  • 72 or 84 width (36 or 42 Spring Steel heat treated Tines).
  • Excellent for leveling driveways and parking lots. Rake the larger undesirable rocks off the driveway or parking lot.
  • Rear mounted wheels have pinned axles allowing 4 different mounting positions on each side allowing you to raise either side with respect to the other.
  • Excellent for landscaping residential or commercial lots. Create berms or ditches effectively and easily
  • Five pivoting position settings enable straight raking or working at 15 or 30 degrees in either direction.
  • 12 Volt Mini Motion package lifts and lowers the rake without you leaving the seat.


Electric/Hydraulic Actuator

12 volt Electric/ hydraulic actuator with 10" stroke and 1800 lb force. One actuator fits all implements and can be moved from one to another easily.

Actuator: Item No: 87499 Wiring Harness & Switch: Item No: 89930A

Weight Kit

The weight kit is ideal for heavy sodded areas. Attaches to the frame to penetrate hard or sodded soils. Two weights are supplied.

Item No: 86410 | Weight: 46 lbs. (each)