Weight: 280 lbs.
Item No: 88100


Size: Basic / Long
Weight: 60 / 85lbs.
Item No: 89250 / 89450

Power Pak / Interframe

  • The Power Pak and Interframe are used for certain attachments (see below)
  • 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton IC engine
  • Electric start, key ignition
  • Electric clutch
  • Pressure lube system
  • Floating hitch
  • Spin-on oil filter
  • Safety tether switch
  • Control console puts the throttle, ignition and attachments engagement all at your finger tips!
  • Power is carried from the Power Pak to the attachment with two rubber belts
  • Interframe has an easily adjustable belt tensioner

The Power Pak is used for the following products:

Quad Hypercut Mower

The Power Pak with Interframe is used for the following products:

Snow Blower - ST50
Power Broom - PB60

The interframe if needed, attaches with two bolts to the Power Pak and another two to the attachments. It comes in two possible lengths: Basic and Long. The basic interframe is required for all ATV's with standard frames. The long interframe is required on certain ATV's with extended frames such as two-seat models.