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  • Level furrows and ridges with the 12′ wide unfolding Harrows that follow ground contours
  • Invert the harrows for smoother leveling such as riding arenas and baseball diamonds
  • Pull sections in one direction for aggressive 75 degree tine action – reverse pull direction for less aggressive action.
  • Outside sections fold-up for compact 5’ transport width
  • REQUIREMENT: 700cc 4×4 ATV or 700cc UTV minimum

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Required Components

Electric/Hydraulic Actuator

12 volt Electric/ hydraulic actuator with 10″ stroke and 1800 lb force. One actuator fits all implements and can be moved from one to another easily.
Item No: 87499

Wiring Harness & Switch

Connects the Actuator to the UTV/ATV’s power and adds a switch for lift/depth control.
Item No: 89930A

Weight670 lbs
Dimensions62 × 68 × 78 in


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Harrow Operation and Parts Manual

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