Deluxe Quadivator / Cultivator

$1,500.00 USD

  • Multi-Purpose garden implement / Cultivator with heavy duty square steel frame
  • Depth control
  • Powder coated finish
  • Hooks up easily to ATV or lawn tractor!
  • Numerous attachments can be used with The Quadivator

This multi-purpose garden implement works easily with your ATV or lawn tractor, called the “Deluxe Quadivator”. The Quadivator and its numerous available attachments have a multitude of year-round uses — from gardening and landscaping to planting deer food plots and maintaining your lawn.

The Quadivator Cultivator comes standard with attachment harrows, heavy duty square steel frame and a powder coated finish. The Quadivator hooks up easily to your ATV or lawn tractor and can be used with numerous attachments.

It can be equipped with your choice of either an Electric Actuator Kit which is operated from a switch mounted on the ATV or lawn tractor, or our hand crank Manual Lift Kit that is mounted to the cultivator. See Required Components below.

Available Attachments

Tandem Disc

Ideal for use in heavy weed-infested or high stubble/trash areas, and for disking-in fall garden vegetation. Easy to install, attaching with only one bolt to the Quadivator frame!
Item No: 86300 | Weight: 250 lbs.

Box Scraper & Leveler

A 4 foot blade, ideal for maintaining driveways, ball diamonds, beaches, or other landscaping chores.
Item No: 86091 | Weight: 32 lbs.

Hilling Moldboards

A set of two 2 ft blades straddles the rows to form hills for your potatoes, corn, etc.
Item No: 86095 | Weight: 12 lbs.

Potato Digger

Potatoes or other vegetables ride up the adjustable fingers to the surface for an easy harvest.
Item No: 86098 | Weight: 10 lbs.

Lawn Roller

Fill with water to provide the right weight for creating a smooth and even surface. Capacity: 77.6 litres (20.5 US gallon).
Item No: 86097 | Weight: 80 lbs.

Lawn Aerator

Water filled Aerator. The drum spikes easily penetrate the toughest ground to create a healthier lawn. Capacity: 33.5 litres (8.9 US gallon).
Item No: 86096 | Weight: 100 lbs.

Lawn Irrigation Plow

Install up to 1″ irrigation pipe or wire, fast and effectively, up to six inches deep. This uniquely designed plow cuts with minimal sod damage.
Item No: 86144 | Weight: 25 lbs.

Barb Wire Dispenser

Dispenses 2 rolls of barb wire at a time. It’s unique design prevents the spools from freewheeling.
Item No: 86090 | Weight: 25 lbs.

Single Module Seeder

The seeders consist of a tank assembly, ground driven metering system and shank assembly. The modules mounts on the Quadivator Frame.
Item No: 87380Q | Weight: 85 lbs.

The following are the available seed discs. Please inquire about seeds not listed here:

87461 #1 – Large Sunflowers
87462 #2 – Small Sunflowers
87463 #3 – Soybean, Corn, Durum Wheat
87464 #4 – Barley, Beans, Soybean, Durum Wheat
87465 #5 – Barley, Beans, Soybean, Durum Wheat
87466 #6 – Barley, Durum, Hard Red Spring Wheat
87467 #7 – Barley, Durum, Hard Red Spring Wheat
87468 #8 – Rye, Hard Red Spring Wheat
87469 #9 – Canola
87470 #10 – Canola


Required Components


Manual Lift Kit

Can be used and shared on the Deluxe Quadivator or the Deluxe Tandem Disc.
Item No. 87985K

Electric Actuator Kit

Raise and lower the Deluxe Quadivator or Deluxe Tandem Disc with a switch. Includes Actuator, wiring harness and switch.
Item No. 86081K | 15″ x 7″ x 5″

Weight300 lbs
Dimensions52 × 40 × 32 in



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